Things are getting better

Recently I had few things to concern and it made me really annoyed.

Usually i write problems I have now on my notebook.
Then write how I can solve or any ways of solutions.
It dometime works really well but most of the time does not.

Last Wednesday, unexpected problem happens and I was really stressed out.
I somehow show my stress to my family, it was not good idea.

Then yesterday, unexpected solution happened,
It was not perfect solution but got me out from the worst situation.
Thank you so much for this coincidence.

Then I am now trying to be more positive for everything.

Greek love

There is some food that I sometimes crave for it,
One of them is Greek meal.


Caramari, deep fried squid is for sure.
Musaka is kids friendly dish.
And soubaraki is one of most famous one.

They are tasty but at the same time grate balance with fresh veggies.

Recently alots happen so I would like to just let myself be in Greek.

My laundry centre sucks !!

Ihave been thinking that I would like to reduce my stress.
It’s such a stressful day everyday.

Then today one more stress had just added.
My 2 and a half year laundry machine stopped and did not work again.
There is cloths and water inside.

I am going to give it up.
I decided it today, I had enough already.

Fuss free

I somehow can not cut corner.
Always do things especially house chulk a lot.

But I know it makes me more busy myself.
I make myself more busy, then I am stressed out by myself.

I am always hurry for something.
I am always push my family to be hurry,

Would like to change this style.
But don’t know how...

Why not

Recently I have been thinking how I can improve my English skill.
I actually did not have to use English until my older one starts kindergarten.

I see and meet new parents everyday and share some time while we are waiting to pick kids up.
And then I don’t know what to talk, how to talk.
So I just thought it would be a good idea to use English sometime here at my blog.




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